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Let's get ready to RUMBLE...


















Suited up and ready to fight! They don't call me Wonder Woman for nothing!

My doctor was so happy to see me and thrilled I brought the recommendation!

I am scheduled Monday the 16th @ 9:30am to begin round 1.

I will be doing the Carboplatin and Paclitaxel, once every 3 weeks for 8 rounds.  She feels it has great potential, also she mentioned the immunotherapy trial that is being done for anal cancer, she will get with Dr. Eng and go from there.

The worst side effect is that I will lose my hair, I laughed and said awesome, one less thing to worry about. I'll grab a hat, scarf, bandana or carry a pack of markers and let people sign my head or draw if they like. I just hope it takes the hair from my upper lip and chin, legs will be an added bonus!

As we left the doctors office, Rick's phone rang. It was the mgr. of the New Car side of the Dealership, Rick was in the used car side, yet sold both. He wants Rick to come in and see him Thursday, as he will be out of the office until then.

He was blown away that he was let go, you don't let your top salesperson go. He even spoke to the owner, who directed him to call Rick. Rick felt confident that he will go into new cars, as that is something they have wanted to do for a while.

In fact, back in Sept. right before Ricks vacation (1st one in years) the idiot used car mgr. said he was making changes and felt Rick is what they need in new cars. He was going to hire a former coworker of Ricks from a different dealership; who came to work for the current employer and was let go. Rick was fine as long as he could sell, we went to the beach. When we returned, the idiot asked him to come back, the guy was a no show and the guys were moping around. Rick said ok, as long as I can sell.

The call today was promising, yet an eye opener. In a nutshell, idiot boss hates his father, could pass him in the grocery store and never acknowledge his presence. Rick reminds him of his father. Idiot boss is the age of Shawn, Rick was born and raised here in the south, he was taught to respect your elders, went to Sunday school and church every Sunday, he is a true southern gentleman. Idiot boss is jealous, Rick is well thought of and his customers always praise him to his superiors.

Rick will listen to what they have to say before making a decision. The paranoid idiot boss needs to be taken out back to the woodshed, obviously his father never took him there.

At the end of the day, I am in fight mode and Rick has a couple of days off, we will use every moment to chill and relax. Come next week... Watch out here we come!

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Dear Ann,
Sounds like things are really turning around. You are definitely up for the battle. I am so glad. You just never know with the cancer. This could just do the trick.
As usual, I love to hear your story, you always seem to inject a little humor into them.
Love and hugs, Jean
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Finally, some good news for you Ann! I hope the chemo goes well and Rick gets the job back. Funny what you said about respecting your elders - my sweet daughters seemed to have forgotten that recently. I finally sent them a group text and told them I was their elder and they needed to treat me with the same respect they do their grandparents. I don't think they ever thought of me as an "elder" - probably my own fault, but it's never to late for them to learn. You can get some cute hats for winter - last fall I found really comfortable knit caps at Target on clearance and I didn't mind wearing them a bit. Good luck to you on Monday!!
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Love you!!
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Prayers continuing for the good fight. Hair loss on the lips and legs sound like a plus and with this Winter weather down South a warm head wrap is all the fashion. The car industry is a hard one. My husband was in it for 15 years and has been in the RV/ toy sports aftermarket products for another 15. We have had our share of roller coaster years along with my husband getting to know the ins and outs of owners and their offspring. Blessings to your husband for getting back in the dealership.
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Prayers are being answered! Praise God.
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Yeaaaaaa!!! Good for you both! Things are happening now, and I'm so proud of you Ann! By the way, losing hair is really no big deal if you ask me. I lost ALL of mine. I wore a scarf or a cute wig (got way more compliments than on my own hair) and it grew back, first kinda curly, but then the way it used to be. So you're right it's not something you need to worry'll get it back! Love to hear that something positive is happening, and much of it is due to your spunk and resolve. Love...Lucky
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I'm am so happy you're on your way! Your great attitude is going to make all the difference as you move forward. I hope things settle down for your husband so you both have one l as thing on your
mind. Things are definitely looking up and I
am keeping healthy thoughts and prayers for you friend!!!
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Brilliany news on ALL fronts, I am so so pleased for you!
Fight on, you are ready for this and all it brings and it is amazing how fast things turn around.
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This is the first thing I have read this morning and it sure put a smile on my face! Your oncologist is going to bat for you--how awesome! I know you are ready for the 16th! I have so much faith in Dr. Eng and if your doctor is consulting with her, then your local doc is a great one too! You have every reason to be hopeful, Ann, and you have a wonderful can-do attitude. All your prayer warriors are right here cheering you on too!

As for Rick's situation, it will all work out! That idiot boss of his has obviously never heard the old adage "What goes around comes around." Some day "the shoe will be on the other foot" and he'll get a "dose of his own medicine." (Yes, I'm old--I know all of those old sayings--lol!). I wish Rick all the best in getting back at work and doing what he is obviously very good at. This will all work out!

Now, you may remember that I live in north Georgia. I would love to meet you some time. I realize your calendar is quite full these days, but if you ever have a free day coming up and could meet me somewhere in your town (I'll come to you), even if it's at McDonald's for a happy meal, I am most willing to make the trip. Just let me know. We have things in common that most would just not understand--cerebral spinal fluid run amuck and a history of a problematic rear end. :)

Get the most out of the few days ahead and put your game face on (just like Clemson did last night!). You can do this! Hugs!

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Of course not! :)
Ann likes this comment
Let me know too, just in case. I was in Columbus, GA, for two weeks over the holidays and may be coming up more often from Lake City, FL. Assuming I could tag along as well.
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That would be fine with me, Mary.
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Count me in, too.
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Of course you are in, this is awesome!
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I may be able to get some free passes to the Georgia Aquarium, where my daughter in law works. I may be able to get us behind the scenes, not sure but worth a try. I will check into it next time I speak with her. I'm getting excited!!
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That sounds like fun, Ann. Even if you can't, as you can see, there are some Georgia girls here who like to get together. We are willing to come to you. However, if you happen to ever be in the Atlanta area to visit your son and DIL and have a little extra time, we can throw together a meet-up in this area too. Please keep us posted--we will work something out.
Wonder woman, you are! I admire your strength and wonderful attitude. I need to be more like you. So happy to hear so much good news for you and Rick.
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What great news! The downside of life's roller coaster ride is always awful, but when it turns and starts back up it is reason to BE HAPPY!
So BE HAPPY! We are all happy for you! Bill
Thomas, Ann like this comment
Pawsome!! *high paws* You are a mighty warrior and will knock this nasty disease down and out! We're all smiles here, so happy about all of this news and keeping paws/fingers crossed things will work out - Idiot Boss might have done Rick a favour! Keep up the fight, we're cheering you on! :*)
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Well if that's your picture you posted, no one will be looking at your bald head, Wonder Woman! You are a hoot!
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Ha ha ha, I wish Linda! That is only my face on Linda Carters body. It was taken 10-15 years ago, on a company trip in Cancun. I recall going into a restaurant/bar, the picture was in a clear bag and all the male staff saw it and thought it was real, lol. They posted it up on the marque and everyone thought I was a celebrity, we ate a drank for free. I even signed autographs, that were just fancy l's connected, they spelled nothing and the more I drank the fancier they got. It was fun the first day, but became annoying the days after, hmmm might have been the permanent hangover I had. 😀
So happy to read your post Ann! You and Rick are in my prayers. I was on that chemo cocktail and it did shrink my tumors. I didn't really care about the hair. When it started coming out in chunks, I let my daughter shave it off.
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When I saw your title of your post pop up on my phone I got instantly choked up while I was waiting for my radiation. Then I smiled a very big smile! Let's get ready to rumble and that photo...boy I got a big kick out of that! But more importantly I am so very thrilled to hear that you've got a new plan! I'm thinking of you and praying for you. YOU'VE GOT THIS!
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Bless you Kim, sorry that you got choked up, that's so sweet. Yes I am back in fight mode, going to knock this one out of the park. How are your mouth sores?
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Was in bed with head cold, saw post this am and was thrilled you are getting tx.
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I could tell from your last post that you were totally exhausted and Rick's job loss was the final straw. I'm glad that you kept your onc appointment and she will work with Dr Eng. So today things are looking better.

You are a role model for all of us...grace under pressure and an amazing sense of humour.

I hope you will remember to put yourself first...and seek out and accept help from wherever. Are you being treated at a hospital or cancer center? Perhaps there is a social worker that can put you in touch with local resources (ie volunteer drivers, meals on wheels,some one mentioned Cleaning for a Cure,etc)delegate everything that you can...conserve your energy...get alot of sleep...take great care of you!!

I'm holding you in my thoughts and hope all will be well.
You are such a fighter! Hoping and praying this treatment works!
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(February 9, 1960 - October 24, 2017)

Vital Info


October 17, 2015

North Augusta, South Carolina 2

February 9, 1960

October 24

Cancer Fighter

Cancer Info

Anal Cancer

July 31, 2015

Stage 1

1.1 - 2.0 cm


Any amount is appreciated

The isolation and embarrassment from the stigma of Anal Cancer

That I am the only one in control of my body.


11/3/16 mets lung and liver

Searching for one


12/8 going to Dr. Eng MD Anderson for options

Eat lots of protein, or drink protein shakes.

Rest, when your body says sleep do it. Sleep is when the body heals.

November 23, 2015

December 28, 2015

Blood in stools, lower right abdominal pain. Frequent bouts of diarrhea.

Tumor excision 7/31/15

Radiation 9/23/15 uncontrollable diarrhea, severe burns, hair loss, pain in hips, now stiff



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