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Brief update, the straw that broke this Campbell's

A brief update, each one of you are priceless to me. Your advice, thoughts, prayers and anger, always put me back in focus. Tomorrow, is Oncology day, I hope to begin some kind of treatment then - I can't and won't give in to this demon! I was just approved for disability, it's not much but will be consistent at least for 5-7 years when the next review comes up. May 31, 2016 is the date they say disability began, heck if I know how they figured that, it should be 5/31/15, being that the retro money goes to the LTD company, they can fight it, I care not too, we shall see how that plays out. Rick will apply for unemployment, he is a very talented salesman, once the word gets out, his phone will start ringing. Since my journey began, I always tried to maintain a positive attitude, Friday pushed my emotions to the max. His greedy boss, whom we are certain it was not the owner, will have to live with his decision. The owner will be advised exactly what was said and used as reason for dismissal. Federal Law was broken, The owner and Rick will come to terms on that. We are not spiteful and mean no harm to anyone, the boss will have to answer for himself one day, I pray God has mercy on him. I have made note of all the resources given to me and will get on top of them on Tuesday, tomorrow is focused on treatment. God bless each of you, the love and understanding is unmeasurable. Without my BFAC family, I would have crumbled. Instead, y'all helped be back on my feet, dusted me off and back on that horse I go. I hope it's not a wild bronco, I might better wear a helmet. I love you all! Thank for being in my life. You do not just make a difference. You ARE the difference.

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So glad to hear you are back on track! Good luck tomorrow. I have a few medical appointments myself and will be thinking of you. On the Disability, is it through Social Security? If so, how long did it take you to get it? And did you use an attorney? My application went in on 12/16/16 through an attorney.
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Thanks Ann. Never heard of Compassionate Allowance List! I will have to ask my attorney about that. Hoping I'll see a new post from you that all went well today.
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If you go to and search for list of covered disabilities, it will come up. From what I read, most any cancer that has mets qualifies. Yes, I have a new post regarding today!!
What are mets? Mestatasis?
Yes, it is Social Security Disability, the long term disability company thru my employer provided the attorney, supposedly at not cost to me. My original application date was 8/6/16. I went into short term disability 7/30/15, my problems began June 1015. However I tried to go back to work May 2016' 5/31/16 was my last day of work. Still confused why they did not go back that far. My application stayed at the state level for 3 months. Once The mets were discovered 11/3/16, I sent a copy to the state office and had my attorney do the same. As the mets changed my status and put me thru to the Compassionate Allowance List, which is immediate approval. They did a random audit on it before approving it on 1/3/17. They paid me 5/16 - 12/16, they deduct 5 months and then pay the following month. They paid me for Nov and Dec, yet took attorney fees, that according to the ltd company it would come off their share. Since I was paid by ltd and SSDI, ltd claims it as an overpayment and I have to give it to them. That's why I am not concerned about fighting for them to go back to the original date of 5/2015, as I have nothing to gain, just hand it over to the ins co. If they want to pursue it on their behalf, the playing field changes. If I don't benefit, why should they? It's a measly $1197 per month, not sure how they think anyone can live on that. But hey, it's something. If the May 2016 stays, it will delay me going to Medicare, which is awarded after 2 years. Hope this helps. Patience is all I can advise. Expect to get denied, appeal, denied appeal and then go to a hearing, the only way not to do that is if your disability is on the compassionate allowance list. I was amazes that I was approved first time. Good luck!
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I am so happy for you!! I did not get an opportunity to respond to the original post. Go for it!! Praying for all you and your family have been through.
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Go girl! Now concentrate on treatment!! The other parts will fall into place.
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So pleased you are back in fighting mode after all the kick backs. With you all the way. Hugs Annabelle
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Your post thrills my heart! Happy you are going to fight this beast. BFAC is a life savor for sure. Wishing you calm, peace and victory - Love to you!
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Ann, I am so glad you posted this update and that you are back into warrior mode. Hopefully, you can get the monies you are due--every little bit helps--and Rick can get unemployment benefits started quickly. I do hope the owner of the dealership will think long and hard about how he was treated by his boss. It sounds to me like the wrong person was let go, for sure. I pray that your oncologist will do everything possible to help you get the treatment.

If you don't have a helmet, I'll send you one! Hang on--you can do this! Hugs and Prayers!

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It's not an easy road!
I think you could have a re-review on the SS situation, just to make sure they got the info right. They make mistakes too.
I hope your husband has a reversal, once the word gets out, or perhaps a better offer. He sounds like such a good guy.
Love and hugs, Jean
You are an inspiration to me. Keep up the fight. Such a blessing to have a husband willing to go to the mat for you. Bless you and your family. Good luck today. Destin
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I'm still a bit in shock about all the bad news you received last week - I'm glad you're recovering and moving forward! I'm sure your positive attitude and beautiful heart will serve you well in the months and years ahead. Many prayers and good wishes are coming your way!
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So glad you are in a better space. We are all allowed to go to that other space occasionally. As long as we do not stay there, we will be ok. There is a line in a Zac Brown song that says "you only get one chance in life to leave your mark upon it. When that pony he comes riding by, you better sit your sweet ass on it!" So I am glad you are back on that horse! Hugs, love, and prayers
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I love Zac Brown... But Keith Urban... Is my man. RIck knows things stop when Keith is on the tv or on the radio. I just love his heart and his smile.
Glad to hear you are in the fight!! One day at a time....go get the treatment plan tomorrow. Good luck!!
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Please keep posting and share what your doctor says...I am so glad to read your update and see that you have not stopped fighting. As so many have said here, Don't Stop!!! Your courage is just absolutely amazing. A hug for Rick and one for you!!!
So happy to hear you are in for the fight!! Hoping everything turns around in your favor. Prayers continuing!

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I'm glad the disability came through. And very glad that you are still out there fighting my friend! Get as much sleep as you can...sometimes the difference in being able to confront problems or not lies in a good night's sleep. Love...Lucky
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So glad you're still fighting, great news! I'm here for you every step of the way and so are all the wonderful people here at BFAC. You are such a warrior...
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Love to hear this, Annie Oakley. You can beat a bucking bronco!
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Yee Haw! I am polishing my spurs! ❤️
I sincerely hope the treatment they start does the trick, leaks and all. You rock! Please let us know.
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