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Update MDA surgery update

Oowweeee, Oowweeee OUCH!

They were not kidding about the pain. Just wish the nurses understood what pain management is, they kept telling me NOT to use the pump often and trynot to use it, so I followed instructions.

My team (Dr. Eng's) team was correct about a ONE night stay. I had a dr come by about 10 am yesterday, said he would love to discharge me, but the pain was still there. About that time the nurse came in and added something to the pump and said use this as after as you can every 6 minutes, it will help. The dr looked at me and shook his head. Asked Are they just now doing that, yep. The nurse came back with an OxyContin that was prescribed by dr Eng and gave it to me, 1 of 2 that I received. The dr said he would be back at 1:00 to see how the pain was and if all was well he would release me. He came back while I was eating lunch, so he took that as a good sign. Then he asked have you had a BM, I said NO nothing singular about my BMs, I have had at least 15 and I stopped counting. I hope y'all did not undo whatever it was that kept me from going so much, he looked confused. He said how's your pain, not too bad with that pill she gave me. He said ok, you are eating,  body is working, so I'll get the discharge papers ready. I said ok, I was told by my team that you would write me an RX for the pill she gave me. He said, I will write one for oxyCodone 10-325, I told him not to bother, that I already have some of those and will make due until I speak to my team. By then, I was ready to get out of there.

Not the type of hospital I'm used to, you ordered your food from a menu, and it was like room service and they would bring it right to you. The food was good, I ate a lot of fruits and salads. When I would ask the nurse for some ice it would take forever to get it, I asked if they could give me some OJ no, coffee no, Dr. Pepper no, ice water no will bring you ice. They don't have anything like that, it's all run through the cafeteria room service. 

We had to wait for the wheelchair to come and we told them our shuttle was due in 10 minutes, she came about 15 minutes later. Shawn (so much like his dad) called the hotel, they gave him the shuttle and he said I'm on my way, I knew tipping him would pay off, he even offered to take me to the Pharmacy, grocery store anywhere I needed. I told him the room was just fine.

I asked Shawn if he wanted to go home early, it would cost $200 each, he said NOPE, you need to go back to the hotel and rest, get your strength back before we travel. He is so sweet.

I never spoke to a dr after the procedure, although I was awake, I felt nothing and I think I would close my eyes and nod off. I remember looking at the huge monitor and could hear clicking, but I would just turn my head.

As we left the room, the 2 guys who were with me the whole time, I recall asking them if all went well, they said yes it did. I asked if they kept 50% of my spleen, they said yes.

I asked Shawn if anyone came to talk to him and he said no, just that I was finished and all went well.

I sent Dr. Eng and my team an email a few minutes ago and let them know about the meds, lack of info and that I was discharged, againI town and leaving Tuesday. I'm headed to the shower n4 he pain meds wear off. Gotta change my bandage, it was not done in the hospital. I can handle it

Gonna say goodnight for now. I made it through and we go back on a lesser does of Carbo/Taxol when I return, I will stay the night of the 20th at Shawn's and see how I feel We'd to dr e home, he offered him and Lisa to drive me home, he has been so sweet. He has made this trip a pleasure. I'm trying to get him to go indoor skydiving, he has not said no, but figures I'm not up to it, I agree, lol that's as close as I will ever get to skydiving. 

Not complaining, just making a note, as it could very well be me. Every time I hit the return key on BFAC the page jumps to the top of my post, I saved it as draft, so when it does it, all I have to do is hit save and then edit the post.  

Like I said, t could be me, I got locked out of my checking account Friday night, because I kept using the wrong password and I know my password, my fingers might not have listen to my brain.  

Oh, BTW, the pain after this surgery was not bad at all, that is until whatever they used inside wore off, then oh my, I felt/feel like I have been kicked by a horse.  Love ya all 

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Glad it went well. If you need help getting home, I too am available.

I am saying prayers for you to keep on recovering well. And I am praying this surgery was a huge success. Your attitude is tremendous!
I hope that OxyContin can take care of that pain.
It sounds like it's time to go home. Lucky you, to have Kathee offering to help.
I'm always putting the right passwords in the wrong sites. Luckily, it eventually dawns on me.
Love and hugs, Jean
surgery and pain meds, and you are surprised about the password???

glad you came through it well...btw, you did get kicked by a horse (i actually did a few months ago...story for another day)...hope you are managing the pain well

healing thoughts and prayers as your body recovers
Joining paws to send you healing vibes for speedy recovery. Hoping the surgery is a great success. Gentle hugs :*)
Ann, I have been anxious to hear from you, so thanks for the update! I'm so glad your procedure went well and that you have some pain meds to make you comfortable. Don't be a hero and not take them like I did! I'm so glad Shawn is there with you and convinced you that you should not come home early, as I agree that you need some rest. Please know that I have you in my thoughts and prayers for a safe trip home and a quick recovery. Love and hugs!

So glad the surgery is over and hope you can get past the worst of the pain soon. So wonderful to have your son with you to provide strength and love. Truly a blessing.
Thanks for the update Ann and your husband is very sweet to looking out for you and recognizing you needed rest before going home. We are all waiting for you to be NED, you will get there but we would like it to done already. You have been through so much and you still march on. And, you still have a sense of humor, that is great. I am still sending prayers and good vibes your way. Hugs Deb
Glad your procedure went well. Praying for your speedy recovery.
I am in hopes you do not over do things with travels. Rest as much as you can. Praying for safe travels.
Thank you for taking the time to keep us updated, Ann, and I'm so glad things went well! You are lucky to have such a caring, attentive son - a tribute to his upbringing, I'm sure. As for my own three darlings - I've spent time with all of them this past week and they never hesitate to let me know when I've forgotten something or am repeating myself. Never. I try to ignore it, and part of me wants to tell them it will only get worse as their parents get older and maybe they don't need to tell me my shortcomings so often, but then I remember who will be choosing my nursing home someday and I smile and let it go.😉 I hope you make it home safely and make a quick recovery from this - thinking of you daily!
I'm so happy to hear your update, I've been thinking about you!!! You've raised such a wonderful young man, hearing you speak of your love for Shawn and how caring he is just puts a huge smile on my face. Safe travels back home Ann! xo
Ann, so glad to hear form you and that the surgery went well. Pain meds you need now and can ween them off later, you need them! And please take time to recover! Rest now while you can. Thank goodness for Shawn, he's like a night in shining armour. Take care
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Hi Ann! Yay. So nice to get an update from you. Glad that all went well and that you can head back home soon. What a blessing to have such a caring son!
Ann, now that a couple days have passed, I hope you are doing better!! You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Hi Ann, congratulations on getting that surgery behind you! Sounds like the surgery center my mom was in. Not a public hospital, and she could only stay 23 hours! Anyway I'm really glad to hear you are beginning the recovery process. You're going to do just fine and you're sense of humor helps you deal with the challenges, I really admire you and your courage. Sending prayers for a comfortable recovery. Love and hugs, Maridel
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MDA Surgery Update

Good evening,

First I want to say Thank you to the Georgia BFAC ladies for such a wonderful get together, the food, fellowship, love, support and those precious hugs. It is exactly what I needed before I headed out here to MDA. We will do it again. Kinda wish you were here now, I could use a hug, no problem Shawn has given me several.

Surgery goes on as planned. 7 am in the morning, surgery at 8 am, procedure lasts 1-1/2 to 3 hours.

There is no question or hesitation on my part, surgery is necessary on the spleen, whom I think I will call Sneaky. Oh so many other names come to mind, butt I'll be nice.

Labs.... Platelets on Monday at home 105,000, platelets yesterday 99,000. Potassium low, will be given during hospital stay. 

CT Scan... Tumor in lung is no longer cystic, it has become a solid tumor. Tumor in liver has increased slightly more than it was when I started chemo in January.

Sneaky is to blame, it did not surprise me, as I felt all along that the Carboplatin is what I was responding to. Missing 2 treatments, ends up being 9 weeks without it. Unfortunately, we will look at my numbers 2 weeks post procedure to start all over again. Carboplatin is a strong chemo and it worked, Sneaky just undid everything done since January.

Thats ok, at least I do not have any new cancer and we know I did respond to Carboplatin. So I will get back on it as soon as I can. HOPE is still alive, Sneaky won't be so lucky tomorrow. 

Depending on how procedure goes, it's possible that I may not have to stay in the hospital  for as long as they indicated. Shawn and I liked that idea, and he said that's good to know; we will stay our planned trip time,  just to get the extra rest at the hotel room. That was so sweet. He is tired as well, the last 48 hrs have been a whirlwin,  sleep has not been easy to get, due to appointments and telephone calls from family.

Rick was nervous today, we waited 2 hours on our appointment, normally they are right on time. I texted him several times to tell him we were waiting. About 2pm, he looked up at work and there was his mom and her husband, his mind told him it was bad news. Which it was not, his Mom knew he was a wreck, so she went there to be there, in case it was bad news.

When I finally called from the cafeteria (we were starved I was so thirsty, I made a bee line for the OJ) the call kept breaking up, so I went outside for a better signal. He called 4 times while I tried to get out of the door. I finally explained and calmed him down.

I will update tomorrow how the procedure goes. Going to get some supper, as I may not be able to eat for a couole of days.


lobe yall




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Good luck Ann - hugs and prayers for an easy procedure and quick recovery!
Ann, I'm so glad to see your update. I'm glad you and Shawn made it safely to MDA and that your procedure is going ahead as planned tomorrow. That's good news that you may not have to stay in the hospital as long as initially thought. May Sneaky be put out of business tomorrow so you can get on with the chemo that has been working for you.

I so enjoyed meeting you on Tuesday and feel blessed to have gained another friend who I now know in person. You are a very strong woman, determined to keep going after this beast. I am in such admiration of you and your fighting spirit! You can slay this beast, I know you can!

As for Rick, I'm glad he was visited by family today. It has to be so very difficult to not be in Houston with you. I'm sure you're keeping him posted, but it's not the same as being by your side. Thank goodness Shawn is there with you.

Please know that you are in my thoughts and certainly in my prayers. I will send numerous ones up tomorrow. We all look forward to an update as soon as you're able. May God watch over you and your medical team tomorrow. Lots of hugs!

Wishing you the best as you go through your procedure tomorrow. Get that sneaky thing out of you so you can get back on track and kill the cancer. You have a great attitude and even better family. As we look around we have so much to be thankful for. I will be looking forward to your update. Hugs Deborah
We'll be thinking of you Ann. Kick it's butt! #Pawcircle #HealingVibes :*)
I am so happy you got the chance to update us. Rick is a good man and Shawn is a good son and you are a shining light of hope. Prayers will be extra loaded up for tomorrow.
God bless you Ann I am praying for you hugs and love Sabina
My prayers go with you tomorrow. God will be with you and He's got it all handled. Wish I could give you a hug from here!
Ann, I am so sorry I did not get to meet you Tuesday. I am hoping there will be another get together in the future and I can meet amazing you. Please know I am praying for you and your family. Please keep us updated. I am sending you a huge
Cyber hug.

Linda E
So glad you are there and can proceed with your surgery and other needed procedures. I hope that we get to meet some time soon. You are one strong woman!
Prayers for you and your sweet family. Your son is such a wonderful blessing. I am sure you know he is special.
You have such an amazing sense of wit. I am saying my goodbyes to Sneaky and looking forward to hearing news that you are back home soon.
Praying that all goes well tomorrow.
Georgia BFAC rocks! Wish I was there.
I am so happy you have great support on the home front as well as medical. You are such a fighter/survivor warrior.
I'd say you've got sneaky's number.
Love and hugs, Jean
Prayers with you angels all around you for protection and Speedy healing
You sound great!! You are ready for this!! Hugs and prayers.
It was wonderful to finally meet you in person, Ann. Hopefully we sent you off to MDA with all of the positive energy and good vibes necessary for the procedure to be successful. Looking forward to hearing good news from you. Your outlook is the best and you're a strong lady. Let's get together again soon.
Praying for you, Ann.
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rollerFetching more entries....

Vital Info


October 17, 2015

North Augusta, South Carolina 29841

February 9, 1960

Cancer Fighter

Cancer Info

Anal Cancer

July 31, 2015

Stage 1

1.1 - 2.0 cm


Any amount is appreciated

The isolation and embarrassment from the stigma of Anal Cancer

That I am the only one in control of my body.


11/3/16 mets lung and liver

Searching for one


12/8 going to Dr. Eng MD Anderson for options

Eat lots of protein, or drink protein shakes.

Rest, when your body says sleep do it. Sleep is when the body heals.

November 23, 2015

December 28, 2015

Blood in stools, lower right abdominal pain. Frequent bouts of diarrhea.

Tumor excision 7/31/15

Radiation 9/23/15 uncontrollable diarrhea, severe burns, hair loss, pain in hips, now stiff



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